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The SG Shochu Home Cocktail Competition – JAPAN EDITION – 2020 – It’s time Barmen!

Shingo Gokan’s SG Shochu brand seems to be sailing Japan’s bar scene at cruise speed with bars from all over country listing the IMO, KOME, MUGI range.
The SG Shochu Home Cocktail Competition 2020 - JAPAN EDITION

The SG Shochu Home Cocktail Competition - JAPAN EDITIONShingo Gokan’s “The SG Shochu” brand seems to be sailing Japan’s bar scene at cruise speed with bars from all over country listing the IMO, KOME, MUGI range.

Some of the challenges that shochu portrays within the bartenders is the lower volume of alcohol, due to honkaku type Shochu being distilled just once, hence the difficulty of introducing it as a base for any cocktails, in Japan this type of Shochu are mainly drunk on the rocks or Mizu-wari (water-added), so if someone is up to the challenge of changing this myth, it’s The SG Shochu with its energy and aim to innovate.

If such task wasn’t a hard job enough, The SG Shochu Team has been putting his creative mind machinery once again to work and is now happily announcing it is time for:

The SG Shochu Home Cocktail Competition – JAPAN EDITION –

Barmen from all over the country are invited to enter and have the chance to claim the 2020 Cocktail Competition throne in the SG Shochu universe, it’s time Barmen!


The theme:
• Make home cocktails with The SG Shochu.

How to participate:
• Create cocktails with The SG Shochu.
• Instagram Post Entry:
1. Cocktail photo (with shochu bottle used)
2. Cocktail name
3. Cocktail recipe
4. How to make
5. A word about the concept and how to drink.
• Tag both #thesgshochu and #homecocktailcompetition.

• Entry deadline: 23:59, June 1, 2020
• Announcement of each stock WINNER: June 3, 2020
• Winner GRAND PRIZE announced: Mid-June 2020

Scoring criteria:
• Attractiveness (looks good)
• Reproducibility (Is it easy to replicate at home)
• Naming degree (whether the name is cool)
• Uniqueness (based on originality)
• Photo degree (whether the photo is cool)

• Determine the WINNER of each KOME / IMO / MUGI stock from the Instagram photo posting entry.
• Each brand’s WINNER has a making video entry, and the winner is announced on The SG Shochu’s Instagram Live!

The Prize:
• Each brand WINNER (3 people): Birdy Bar Tool Set
• Winner GRAND PRIZE (1 person): Shanghai Speak Low Guest shift * * Those who are not interested in guest shift except for bartender are invited to the Shanghai bars.

The Judges:
• Shingo Gokan (SG Group Founder)
• Joshin (The SG Shochu Brand Manager)
• Atsushi Suzuki (The Bellwood Founder, Chivas Masters Global Champion 2017)

Q & A:

Q: How many entries can a person make?

A: KOME, IMO, MUGI, and each one point (total 3 points) for entry.

Q: Can I use elaborate materials such as infusion?

A: Whatever material you use, it will affect the score of “reproducibility” if it is complicated.

Q: Is there a post on Facebook?

A: Only Instagram posts can participate in this competition.

Q: Is there an entry example?

A: See Satsuma Libre on the following link


The SG Shochu is here to reimagine “shochu,” a deeply flavorful single distilled spirit with a vast history and diversity.

Shochu—a craft spirit with its tradition spanning over 500 years—has its roots in single distillation.

The rich aromas and full flavors expressed through a single masterful distillation are rarely found in any other spirit.

The SG Shochu lineup includes KOME, IMO, and MUGI, respectively made from rice, sweet potato, and barley. Each expression strikes the perfect balance between character and mixability, with distinct flavors that can be used with versatility in any cocktail.

These expressions can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to a variety of cuisines as well. Just add cold or hot water to enjoy The SG Shochu as a traditional “mizuwari” or “oyuwari.”. Learn how to drink Shochu like a local.

SG Shochu Series - Shingo Gokan

The New SG Shochu Series by SG Group


The SG Shochu - Logo
The SG Shochu (SG Group)
Address: 1F, Hosan Building, 1-7-8 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041
Telephone: +81 03-6455-2630
Social Media: Instagram
ALL Media ©SG Group

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