Moromi Magazine – A Japanese liquid magazine, fully dedicated to the beverage industry of products 100% brewed in Japan. Founded in 2020, We are a magazine dedicated to Japanese Drinks in its core, from Beer Sake, Wine, Whisky, Spirits, Soft Drinks and all other related beverage industry affairs geared for restaurants, bartenders, mixologists, regular consumers and other trade people from all around the world.

MOROMI MAGAZINE features new products within the drinks trade and the people behind, distilleries and breweries from North to South of Japan. Our Advanced Shochu Mixology section will highlight the latest industry trends and the hottest new Japanese cocktails that bartenders are creating in Japan aiming to take-on the world.

The team at MOROMI Magazine also provides you with dynamic insights of the industry with e-learning content to help you understanding Japan’s drinks to the fullest, and of course Japan’s best true craftmanship behind them it all.


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