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Tedorigawa – 150th Anniversary Sake Release

Turning 150 years old is a tremendous milestone for any Sake company, and surely a great occasion to launch a new brew.

Tedorigawa Sake Brewery is turning 150 years old in 2020, a tremendous milestone for any Sake company, especially in nowadays times.

When the sake industry keeps working hard to stop the decline and convert the newer generations into start enjoying this ancient drink once again, this occasion presents a great timing to launch a limited-edition sake to commemorate the 150th anniversary.

Progress comes with limitations

Founded in 1870, the sake brewery has encountered difficulties of many levels throughout the times, however, all predecessors made astonishing efforts and keeping same craft skills in the art of sake brewing.

The brewery is located at the foot of Mount Hakusan, recognized as one of Japan’s three most sacred mountains, along with Mount Fuji in Shizuoka and Mount Tateyama in Toyama.

They are also blessed with a pristine source of natural water from Tedori river which originates at Mount Hakusan.


This sake represents the best of Tedorigawa’s sake brewing skills and where they lead towards the future of sake making.

Using all local raw ingredients rice, water, and yeast, and this time focusing on the new local sake rice “Hyakuman no Shiro” from Ishikawa Prefecture.

Tedorigawa 150th Anniversary Sake Tedorigawa 150th Anniversary Sake
Type: Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Genshu
Rice: Hyakuman no Shiro (Ishikawa prefecture)
Polishing: 30%
Alcohol: 15% (Genshu-undiluted)
Release date: July 1, 2020


Tedorigawa Sake Brewery - Ishikawa - Logo

Yoshida Sake Brewery
Address: 41 Anji-cho, Shirayama-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture 924-0843, Japan
Telephone: +81 076-276-3311
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
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