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SASA Sunday – Niigata’s newest Sake to get through the last day of the week

What better way to get through the last day of the week than with a Sunday Sake?
SASA Sunday Sake - Sasaiwai Shuzo

Sasa Sunday is the newest development from Sasaiwai Shuzo in Niigata prefecture.

And they must have been listening a good amount of people expressing their sad feelings on Sunday when we raise our heads and see Monday in the horizon, what better way to get through the last day of the week than with a Sunday Sake? At least now, you won’t be bothering thinking of your boss the day before re-joining the office.

“Sasaiwai brew challenge” is an original project of Sasaiwai Sake Brewing, which joins volunteers from liquor stores, restaurants, and consumers, to gather product ideas to take into brewing, pricing, naming, label design and they simply implement it.

Sasa Sunday is the result of the third year since the Sasaiwai brew challenge began.

The product had been under trial terms in some local liquor stores and the general members of the public reacted positively and Sasaiwai Shuzo decided to incorporate it into their official portfolio of Sakes making it available all year round and will be available in 720ml and Sake cup 180ml formats.


SASA-Sunday-Sake-Cup-Sasaiwai-Shuzo SASA Sunday
Type: Junmai
Rice: Kameno (Nishikawa,Niigata Prefecture)
Polishing: Undisclosed
Alcohol: 12%
SMV: -20
Acidity: 3.0

The sake rice used for the occasion is 100% Kameno from the local agricultural association of Nishikawa, Nishibaka-ku, Niigata City.


Sasaiwai Shuzo Niigata - Logo

Sasaiwai Shuzo Co,. Ltd.
Address: 3249 Matsunoo, Nishikan- ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture 953-0015
Telephone: +81 0256-72-3982
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
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