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Sake export new record sales again, 10th year in a row

Great news again paying back to all those professionals involved in Sake promotion overseas.
Sake Export by Volume Chart 2007-2018

Sake export breaking records for 10th consecutive year

It comes as no surprise another year on year record on Sake export sales with a significant growth of Japanese restaurants opening across the world, with a survey by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the number of Japanese restaurants increased by 32%, from 118,000 in 2017 to an astonishing 156,000 in 2019.

JFOODO the promoting arm of JETRO overseas has been putting its target on promoting Sake outside of Japanese restaurants with campaigns based on western food pairing such as Cheese & Sake or Seafood and Sake among other samples. Visit UK campaign here

Working hard on this successful campaign is then not rare seeing Sake in recent times making its landing in some non-Japanese cuisine restaurants in London. And making its way through in other European capitals best bars.

Sylvian Hue, Sake Samurai founded Salon du Sake, an event taking place for its 6th time in Paris in 2019 has been growing year on year, and given its convenient geographic position within continental Europe, it is common to see industry professionals traveling to discover more about Sake, meet new breweries or taste rare varieties.

Sake breweries seem to be also jumping in time on the export roller-coaster movement given its already known industry decline in Japan, and it has started becoming normal to see more and more staff from breweries to travel across the world to start market activation for their products through intense restaurant and bar visits, pairing dinners in collaboration with restaurants or attending more tradeshows than ever before, and figures corroborate the hard efforts from all this work.

Sake pairing dinners and tastings at retail shops are vital for the growth on the industry, as it is the most efficient way to interact directly with customers whom are not known to Sake or want to discover the beauty of this brew and help with this increase demand.

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