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New Nikka NAS Duo to Commemorate Founder’s 100th Wedding Anniversary

New Nikka whisky as 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the marriage of Nikka Whiskey founder’s Masataka Taketsuru and his wife Rita
Yoichi Whisky - Miyagikyo Whisky - Applewoods - 100 Anniversary - Nikka WHisky

New Nikka whisky as 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the marriage of Nikka Whisky founder’s Masataka Taketsuru and his wife Rita

Taketsuru’s got married to his dream woman whilst he was over in Scotland learning whisky making techniques. On January 8, 1920, making 2020 the couple’s centennial wedding anniversary.

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Masataka Taketsuru married Rita in 1920 and founded Dainippon Juice Co., Ltd. (now Nikka Whiskey Co., Ltd.) in 1934. As Whiskey takes time to mature, they had to make a living and support the early days, since their surroundings offered plentiful of apples, they diversified their time and business to apple-based products.

New Nikka duo release date:  Tuesday, March 24

Limited quantities, 6,700 (Yoichi), 6,450 (Miyagikyo)

Apples supported the early times of Nikka Whiskey. Rita, who continued to keep up with Taketsuru’s dream for the rest of the life. Yoichi and Miyagikyo, can be said today to be the crystals of Taketsuru’s dream, with Apple brandy barrels that helped supporting the early stages of their dream.

Two new products released this time, a “Single Malt Yoichi” and “Single Malt Miyagikyo” have been aged for about 6 months after the normal maturation in Apple Brandy barrels which are more than 28 years old.

It features a sweet and gorgeous aroma, a sweet and sour taste like a fruit cake. Furthermore, in order to enjoy the gorgeous and complex taste, bottling is performed without cooling filtration.

In the label, logos of “Yoichi” and “Miyagikyo” are arranged with dignity, and the gold letters of “APPLE BRANDY WOOD FINISH” are used to create a sense of luxury. Featuring a gold ribbon. In addition, the apple illustration and the dot pattern of the apple patterns used for the lower part of the label and the cap seal to express the gorgeous taste brought by the apple brandy barrel.

  •  “Nikka Single Malt Yoichi Apple Brandy Wood Finish”

By aging the single malt Yoichi – which has a powerful and rich flavor – further in apple brandy barrels, it achieves a harmony of rich sweetness and light peat notes. The sweet aroma of apple compote and the rich aroma of malt, are reminiscent of apple pie and fruit cookies, with a subtle sweetness of peat and wheat.

  • “Nikka Single Malt Miyagikyo Apple Brandy Wood Finish”

By aging the single malt Miyagikyo, with a  gorgeous and light flavor of apple brandy barrels that combines fresh sweetness with soft astringency. Light woody barrel aroma notes and freshness of fresh apples combined with a sweet and sour taste are reminiscent of fruit cakes.

In recent years, customers’ interest in whiskey has notable increased, and the whiskey market in Japan is expanding. In addition, attention has been focused on single malt whiskeys that can taste the individuality of the distilleries. Single Malt Yoichi and Single Malt Miyagikyo enhances the individuality of the product and provide customers with the unique appeal of Single Malt Whiskey by launching a limited number of products with unique finishes.

Nikka with these two releases seems eager to come back to its origins, with two new NAS versions to commemorate a wonderful occasion and pay tribute to its founder and his wife, who worked extremely hard to make their dream come true. it is for sure that the lucky whisky drinkers getting their hands on into one of these two whiskies or both, are going to enjoy a part of Japanese Whisky making history.

Product Summary

Product Name: Single Malt Yoichi Apple Brandy Wood Finish & Single Malt Miyagikyo Apple Brandy Wood Finish
Alcohol: 47%
Capacity: bottle 700ml
Release Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Release area: Japan only
Price: Open price * Reference retail price: 15,000 yen (excluding tax)
Bottles released: 6,700 (Yoichi), 6,450 (Miyagikyo)

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