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Meiri Vodka 65%

New Japanese Vodka, A blimey new released at 65% ABV !

As high alcohol liquor becoming rare to find, this Japanese Vodka will be surely drawing people’s attention!

As high alcohol liquor becoming rare to find, this Japanese Vodka will be surely drawing people’s attention!

Vodka is widely known to be one of the most famous alcoholic beverages with high alcohol content, and the world’s four largest spirit. A typical vodka has an alcohol content of about 40%, but, Meirishurui Co., Ltd  with – Headquarters: Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture – newly launched a higher alcohol vodka “Meiri Japanese Vodka 65% “.

Meiri regular’s “Japanese Vodka” has an alcohol content of 40%, however they have now produced vodka with a high alcohol content of 65%, as the demand for high alcohol from the best bartenders in Japan is on the rise.

The product was released on March 17, 2020, however at present, due to coronavirus outbreak the distribution  is thought to be slow, however they have received a large number of inquiries from bars from all over Japan and some other Asian countries.


Meiri Vodka 65%

Name: Meiri Japanese Vodka 65%
Alcohol content: 65% ABV
Bottle Capacity: 360ml
Category: Vodka
Price: 1000 yen (excluding tax)



Meiri Distillery - Ibaraki - Japanese Vodka

Front entrance of the distillery

Meirishurui Co., Ltd is a long-established brewery maker in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The Kato Sake Brewery, which was founded at the current location during the Ansei period of the end of the Edo era, was the predecessor of the Company, and was incorporated as Meiryu Sake Co., Ltd. in 1950. Since then, it has manufactured distilled liquor and alcohol, and is now a comprehensive liquor maker that manufactures sake, shochu, liqueurs (plum wine, etc.), fermented seasoning’s, etc.

It has a nationwide sales channel and exports to the world

Bodega_Meiri Shurui
Address: 338 Motoyoshidacho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Telephone: +81 029-247-6111
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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