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Hidetoshi Nakata appointed as visiting professor at Rikkyo University in Spring 2020

The relentless ex-footballer joins a new project in order to boost motovation on the younger generations to promote Japanese craft.
Hidetoshi Nakata - Craft Sake Week

Spring 2020 will see the relentless ex-footballer Nakata joining a new project in order to boost motivation on the younger generations to promote Japanese crafts and Sake.

Hidetoshi Nakata has been known in recent times to be an angular part into the recent Sake Boom overseas due to his hard efforts into promoting Sake, with his recent involment in projects such as Japan Craft sake Week, he has managed to establish an easy bridge for westerners trying to discover more about sake in an informal and casual way.

Nakata has been spreading traditional Japanese crafts, industry, and agriculture on his own in 47 prefectures throughout Japan and putting emphasis in Sake making and its industry.

He has accepted to be a visiting professor in response to Rikkyo University’s desire to help sharing his experiences with students to sympathize with their activities marking this Spring 2020 in the calendar to kick off.

With this appointment, the spring semester of 2020, he will be in charge of “Traditional Industry and Marketing,” an assignment for third and fourth year students of the Business College, he will be working alongside Professor Kazunori Yamaguchi and Professor Mika Takaoka.

Under the theme of “World Strategy of Japanese Culture”, lectures will be given to learn the history and current situation of Japanese traditional industries, and to acquire thinking and practical skills to revitalize industries and create new businesses.


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